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Dow Jones / Marketwatch

Dow Jones is your complete source for up-to-the-minute futures news - cash commodity prices, statistics from the major exchanges, weather forecasts, in-depth analysis and commentary, plus more. Dow Jones helps you understand not just what's happening, but why it's happening.


Hightower daily research includes comprehensive text-based and market audio commentary and analysis covering everything from the agricultural complex to stock indexes. Special reports take an in-depth look at interesting market situations and suggest potential strategies for capitalizing on them.


Veteran futures analyst Jim Wyckoff favors an educational approach that appeals to both novices and experienced traders. Wyckoff's daily and weekly futures research focuses on how to apply technical analysis to a wide range of futures markets. All research is accompanied by charts and illustrations.

Vardon Report

Bob Ecob delivers concise analysis of 25 futures markets in the daily Vardon Report. You'll get fundamental and technical analysis, support and resistance points, turning points and swing patterns, and specific trading recommendations designed to capture intermediate to long-term price moves.


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